Tia Dae

Cast, Crew

Deanna Grayson / Producer

Tia Dae has made her mark in both theater and music in  Washington, DC.  Her commanding and unique stage presence has earned roles in numerous productions, including films such as THICK, Dead Money, In One Day; television appearances on VEEP and House of Cards, and stage plays, including  Let’s Make an Arrangement, Death at the Prom, Last Call, Winter in Washington. Whether she is the lead or a supporting cast member Dae is always unforgettable, and the role of Deanna Grayson being no exception

What is your favorite thing about playing Deanna?

“The fact that she can be a bitch and nice at the same time!”

Do you have a favorite episode or scene from your time on the show, so far?

Season 1, Episode 3

Are you similar or different to your character?

“There’s not too much of a difference, as my logic to that is I believe any character I play, to some degree, lives within me…I just act it out!”