Pasha Diallo

Cast, Crew

Dominique Johnson / Producer

Pasha Diallo is a successful plus-size model, host and actress, based in the Washington D.C. – Baltimore, MD corridor. She’s been featured in an Ashley Stewart ad campaign, on several book and magazine covers, and can be seen on WE TV’s Secret Lives of Women, BET’s Black Girls Rock, and in the feature film Dodge City. Diallo is also the host of “Be Stylish.”

In 2011, Diallo won an Indie Soap Award for “Breakthrough Performance,” and in 2013, received the award for “Best Supporting Actress.”

What is your favorite thing about playing Dominique?

“I admire my characters power. She’s not afraid to say what she thinks, regardless of what others may think. This is evident in the unapologetic career path she has chosen. I think in some ways it’s empowering to women. Here’s this woman in a position of power, who isn’t dominated by men. Not only does she run her business, where the men come to her, but for the most part she’s successful at it.

Do you have a favorite episode or scene from your time on the show, so far?

“The scene where Dominique first slapped one of her ‘girls’ to keep her in line. It told you a lot about where the character stood.”

Are you similar or different to your character?

“We are both similar in our ‘take no prisoners’ attitude. She’s a shot caller. We’re different in that she’s hardened from her life experiences, whereas I would consider myself laid back and optimistic. I enjoy the character because we are so different. We’re also similar, though, in that we’ve both been vulnerable, but also survivors. I think most women can relate to that, and that’s one aspect of that character that many people find realistic and empowering.”